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Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition Division

Stronger Together

Within the Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition Division, leading brands in the food, pet food, pharma and cosmetic industries have joined forces to combine their competences and better serve our customers in these markets.

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Our Brands


Bakon is a Dutch global operating company, expert in stand-alone and in-line solutions for the pastry industry.

Bakon designs and manufactures depositing, ultrasonic cutting and spraying solutions for the confectionery, retail, and traditional bakery industries.

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Coperion delivers innovative food and pet food processing solutions - From single components to complete systems. We offer tailored solutions based on comprehensive system and process expertise from extrusion technology to bulk material handling for all processing requirements.

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Coperion K-Tron

Coperion K-Tron is a global leader in process feeding and conveying equipment and designs highly accurate feeding and pneumatic conveying components as well as complete material handling systems.

The company serves many industries: From plastics to chemicals, recycling and batteries as well as food, pet food and pharmaceutical industry.

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Diosna is one of the world's leading manufacturers of the most modern pre-dough, dough and kneading systems for the production of baked goods as well as an expert in granulation and mixing technology.

The company serves the bakery, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemicals industries.

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Gabler Engineering

Gabler Engineering offers machines and systems for the development, construction and manufacture of complex, tailor-made processing systems for the confectionery, food and pharma industries.

Gabler provides highly flexible machinery such as extruders, rolling and scoring lines, cut & wrap lines as well as coating machines.

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Peerless is an expert for dough & cream mixers, sandwiching equipment, creams & batters equipment and serves the bakery industry.

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Schenck Process Food Business

Schenck Process FPM engineers cutting-edge technologies and solutions for manufacturers across the food, pet food and performance material industries. Their teams deliver complete solutions for your real-world needs, based on deep process and engineering expertise.

From the processing of raw materials to manufacturing finished product, they can help at any—or every—stage. Their world-class equipment and control systems are showcased through their reputable technology brands – Baker Perkins, Kemutec and RBS.

They specialize in precision solutions for pneumatic conveying, milling, extruding, depositing, sifting, weighing, and feeding. Their expertise also includes baking, cooking, coating, mixing, shaping, dust collection and thermal processing.

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Shaffer is a market leading manufacturer of industrial horizontal mixers and processing equipment for the baking industry.

The company designs and manufactures industrial mixers engineered to be the most sanitary, durable and innovative horizontal mixers in the industry.

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Shick Esteve

Shick Esteve is a global leader in ingredient automation solutions and process design for the food and pet food industry.

The company designs and manufactures bulk, minor/micro, flour reclaim and liquid ingredient automation equipment and systems.

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Unifiller Systems

Unifiller is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative portioning equipment for the baking and food as well as the health industries.

The company designs and manufactures piston depositors, transfer pumps, filling machines, cake decoration equipment, automated and semi-automated lines.

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VMI is a leader in mixing and kneading solutions, covering all the process needs of the bakery, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries.

The company designs and manufactures premium modular laboratory facilities to pilot units to production platforms and automated systems.

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